I’m Taking A Short Break

I’ll be putting my feet up, regarding the label, until January 4th – when a new release will start shipping …

Fallen – “Against The Storm”

New Release Out 4th January 2019

A New Release On Focused Silence

“Against The Storm” by Fallen.

Fallen is one of the stage-names of a good friend called Lorenzo. He writes accomplished Ambient music that is not too challenging to listen to but soothes the soul. The release is severely limited to an edition of 25 Digipack CDs. They look amazing! I have just had them delivered today and the quality of the piece is staggering.

Elnath Project – “~”

New Release Out 11th January 2019

A blistering live improv on homemade software synthesisers from Italian photographer & musician Alessandro Ciccarelli. You can pre-order the CD HERE.

Another From Focused Silence

“~” by Elnath Project.

Elnath Project is the musician’s musician – he creates his own software synthesisers using Pure Data. He has laid down an accomplished live performance on the album he calls “~” and we have the pleasure of releasing it.

Hailing from an academic background, you can read about Elnath Project HERE. Follow the link below to listen to a track from the album.

Elnath Project – “~”

Summing Up

I’ve Not Got A Lot On // You Need A Lolly

It has been a busy year for the label and for Andy Backhouse – it has been a good year with peaks and troughs. We had a gig and plenty of releases. We got mentions in the International Press and online Blogs. There are too many individuals for me to mention who have helped me with the label in 2018 – so I will give a collective ‘Thanks’ and a fist-bump to the artists on the label, hoping I can do their music proud.

I would like to thank you, the audience of Focused Silence and the listeners of The Parish News for all of the encouragement and support you have shown me throughout 2018 – it would be pretty pointless if not for you.

So, thanks for listening and here is to a productive 2019.

Andy x

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